Full Moon in the Aquarius-Leo axis of February 09, 2020


A full Moon on the Aquarius-Leo axis, which tells us about our creations, personal, in love, subsidiaries, artistic, and our involvement in these different sectors, how we project ourselves, are we aware of our need to create, to make connections with our family, loved ones, children and also our friends?

Our need for originality suggested by Aquarius, pushes us to update our solar personality and a whole palette of colors that we would like to bring to our daily life.

This full moon is very marked by March, which located in the allied sign of the sagittarius, sign of fire, ruled by Jupiter, can shape, in action, all our originality, with our needs to unite, to form a body, to make sense with our desire to get closer to ours, to others, to take stock of our creations, our projects.

There is always a risk of exaggeration, but with a lot of enthusiasm, creativity, discoveries and innovations.

Mars always square with Neptune in the sign of fish, the master of mirages but also of the high creative spheres, a need to be in touch with the angels, the divine, pushes artists, humanists, creators of their lives to get more involved still, in the arts, painting, music, dance, song, as well as towards the invisible worlds, of the subconscious, of dreams, of mediumship and the world of the deceased, which has never been so close. The film that separates us from them becomes thinner and we can be contacted more easily.

The energies of the earth , humans and all living beings on earth having largely amplified, entered the 5th D, we receive today all the fluidic, magnetic, electrostatic and other waves which some pollute us enormously.

Everything goes very fast, exponential ….

Communication is open, clearly, with the other world, the other worlds, be aware also that to approach it, the error is to believe that you could easily spend your time contacting them, disturbing them.

If there is a message to be sent by them, because they are omnipresent, they know perfectly well what we need and they will be able to contact us. A message through music, through signs of synchronicities, through dreams, dazzling intuitions. The flashes ..

The other thought-spirit forms that surround us are also very present, and can quickly possess your energy, and feed on it, weakening you … those which also populate the invisible, are darker, even downright destructive , we are a great pantry for them; Let us be careful to remain human, to protect ourselves as it should be, first by respecting each other, by loving each other very strongly, so we will attract harmonious people to us, and a life as we desire it.

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