New planet transits, facing change


Not the end of a world, as we can still hear here and there !!

But indeed a mandatory change in our way of living and thinking: !!

A fading era, and the opening of a new dawn

helped by the planetary transits of four astrological powers and not the least,

Pluto entered Capricorn, planet of hardening, restrictions, global social change.

Saturn in balance, laws and relational, associative relationships and contracts.

Uranus in aries reinforced by Mars and Jupiter from April 2011, innovative changes, unforeseen, revolts and riots, there will be rebellion in the air … the sign of the ram ruled by the planet Mars, sign of fire, declares. … his war

faced with the misunderstanding and the difficulties that these modifications can cause, enormous changes.

But also positive, innovative changes,

Neptune in fish, in the home which will accompany the transit of Pluto, favorably, by inspiring men, by regrouping, more altruism, mutual help, generosity, desires to advance in the same way, the same ideal, that of compassion for one’s neighbor and solidarity !! a beautiful program ….

From April 2011 these planets arrive in force to provoke us, shake us, transmute us,

change our certainties and our benchmarks, to bring us towards big changes, oblige us to react

to readjust to a new world that is taking hold.

Great upheavals are coming, favoring some more easily, and others harder.

Carriers of evolution, these planets and their transits are life accelerators

Let’s roll up our sleeves, rather than lowering the spine.

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