The year 2020 in astrology, an inevitable major turning point?


From January 1842 to December 1980 : we had 9 Jupiter / Saturn conjunctions in sign of EARTH for a period of 138.9 years: they show a dominant of the element EARTH during these 138 years. The EARTH element is in analogy with materialism, all that is concrete, the pragmatic side, separation, and precision. Overall, from 1842 to 1980, this was the period of the expansion of capitalism.

From December 1980 to May 2000  : we had 3 Jupiter / Saturn conjunctions as a sign of AIR for a period of 19.5 years: it marks the beginning of the end of the EARTH ideologies, like the fall of the communist regimes in the countries from the east. It also marks the beginning of the computerization of society and the globalization of ideas, modes of communication (mobile phone, internet …).

From May 2000 to December 2020  : there is 1 Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in EARTH sign for a period of 20.5 years: materialism dominates again for 20 years. This conjunction corresponds in particular to the arrival of the Euro.

From December 2020 to December 2159  : we will have 7 Jupiter / Saturn conjunctions as a sign of AIR for a period of 139 consecutive years, which marks a change in astrological dominance.

The year 2020 is decisive because it is a year of transition between the EARTH element which ends and the AIR element which will dominate for 139 consecutive years . It is an inevitable turning point which seems major.

To have more precision on what can happen in 2020, we will look for the last time that we had a transition between a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Earth sign and a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in AIR sign, so during the year 1980.

The effect of a conjunction of 2 stars (here Jupiter and Saturn) in astrology does not start with this exact conjunction, but the effect of the conjunction begins as soon as the 2 stars occupy the same sign, therefore a little before this conjunction exact, regardless of the distance between the 2 stars (ancient astrology rule).

The 2nd table (see the video) shows when Jupiter and Saturn are in the same sign for the transition periods between the conjunctions in signs of EARTH and AIR therefore between 1979 and 1981 and then between 2019 and 2021.

The period from September 29, 1979 to September 21, 1980 (in RED) is in analogy with the period from July 1, 2020 to December 17, 2020: it is the last period during which Jupiter and Saturn are in EARTH sign at the same time before entering AIR signs.

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